Complete 3D Printed Office Pack  (Custom Made)

Complete 3D Printed Office Pack (Custom Made)

The Complete Office Set you didn't  know you needed.   

Our battery holder can be wall mounted or sit on the desk. It holds a massive amount of 'AA' and 'AAA' batteries, and shelves to suit 'D' size, 'C' size and some spare spots. Not too big either at 18cm x  5cm x 18cm

Also included is the USB Storage Tray.  Hold heaps of USB sticks, SD memory Cards, Micro SD Cards and 'C' plugs and all named ready to fill.  
Only small too at 15cm x 7cm

Keep it classy with a Single Layer name plate.  As many characters as you like, can be your name or business name.   Approx 20cm long

It's the little things that matter when your at your desk and this little kit makes a huge difference 

Available in black, red, blue, pink, copper or white.
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Or text 0421 718 349